Local matchmaking

regional cooperation
 In terms of regional cooperation, Changfeng alliance has reached cooperation consensus with many local governments including Wulanchabu city, Chifeng city, Hulun buir city, Hailar city of Inner Mongolia, Xiangyang city of Hubei Province,  Hegang city and Jiamusi city of Heilongjiang Province, Guiyang city of Guizhou Province, Taiwan, and Luoyang city of Henan Province. In terms of promoting the coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei integration, it has established the long-term cooperation mechanism with Wuqing district of Tianjin, Shijiazhuang city and Baoding city of Hebei Province.
At present, Changfeng Alliance has made the following achievements in matchmaking services.
1. It organizes member enterprises to enter the cloud base in Wulanchabu  City of Inner Mongolia 
2. It builds the “Luoyang Smart City solutions center of Changfeng Alliance"and promotes member enterprises’ excellent solutions to enter in Luoyang city 
3. It enters the "Haixi Sci-tech service industry base" in Quanzhou city, becoming one of the first entered members, and also sets up its office in Quanzhou city.
4.It organizes isoftstone co., the Alliance’s member enterprise, to enter Shen bei new district of Shenyang city, and establishes SME public cloud services platform and maker space with the local governments.

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